David Hintz

David (Dave) Hintz, Senior Pastor of Flint Hills Bible Church in Emporia, Kansas (KS).

Hintz Family
Hintz Family

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Dave Hintz

Preaching Pastor


I grew up in a moral but marginally religious family. This changed when my sister abruptly came to know the Lord.

in high school, and my family had to learn to live with a “Jesus Freak.” While her new behavior seemed strange, her change was authentic and intriguing. And God used this intrigue and curiosity to draw me into a spiritual journey. Through a summer camp I finally understood my desperate spiritual condition. I had violated my creator’s law and as a consequence there was hell to pay. However, God in His love sent His Son to absorb this righteous wrath in my place. This made intellectual sense to me, but I deluded myself into thinking that uttering a simple prayer was all I needed to do. But as I found out, faith does not consist of words but commitment.

While a freshman at the University of Kansas, I befriended a large group of Christians. As an active member of a campus ministry, I attended every Bible study and weekly meeting. But over time, I grew to understand that my Christian friends had a spirituality that eluded me. I would talk about God, but they would talk to God. This mysterious disconnect was not solved until I realized that acting like a Christian did not make me a Christian, nor did praying some magic prayer. To be a follower of Christ you must surrender. And with this surrender, God finally transformed me. As a surrendered man, I loved singing to and reading about Him. With His prodding and help, I finally confronted some of the dark sins in my life.

Converted, regenerated, and changed, God shifted my focus from one of personal ambition and self reliance, to yielding every area of my life to Him. During this transformation He led me to commit two years of my life to serving as a missionary in Hungary. While in Hungary I sensed that this experiment with full time ministry was actually a lifetime calling to serve the Lord in vocational ministry. Returning to the states, I enrolled at the Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, California. When I graduated I became the College and Evangelism Pastor at Calvary Bible Church in Burbank, California. 

One of my first orders of business was to befriend, date, court, and marry a beautiful, blonde, UCLA Bruin. Upon successfully persuading her to marry me, we took seriously God’s command to be fruitful and multiply. In fact, all four of our little ones (Julia, Nathan, Amberly, and Jacob) have been born within the first five and a half years of marriage.

During my final year in California, the elders confirmed my desire to seek a ministry where I could preach the Word with regularity. A year later, I connected with elders of Flint Hills Christian church. Their humility, deep spirituality, and reverence for the Word of God drew me to this flock. And by God’s grace they called me to be their teaching pastor.

Ministry Responsibilities:

As the teaching pastor, my primary purpose is to feed the flock with the Word of God. Whether it’s my Sunday morning sermon, Sunday night Bible study, or even my men’s group, God has called me to bring His Word to bear on all our lives.