College/Young Adult - Inner Bean

Flint Hills Bible Church - information about the Inner Bean coffee house near the Emporia State University campus for college and young adults


College/Young Adult


FHBC owns a Coffee House called the Inner Bean @ 1328 Exchange St opened daily from 2pm-10pm. Being just two blocks out from the campus, it’s a great way for the church to make connections with students!Xenos is the outreach aspect our our College and Young Adults ministry at Flint Hills Bible Church. Xenos is also a recognized student organization on campus at ESU. Informally, Xenos members are encourage to be seeking opportunities to make disciples on campus and represent the Lord in all they do. In addition to our general call in Matt 28:19 we have some formal settings for interactions with ESU students.

Xenos Small Groups: We have different college age focused small groups intended to minster to ESU students and young adults that meet on campus and at the Inner Bean Coffee House.  Various days and times.

Xenos Connect: (Thursdays at 7PM) With so much going on at work, school and church its nice be able to have a time to get all of Xenos members and our new friends connected and encouraged. That why we’ve set aside Thursday nights at the Inner Bean to make sure we are doing just that. It’s a time that we make sure we are connecting with the word, in song, in fellowship, with each other and with new contacts on the campus. 

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Xenos Events: We have lots of different events that we enjoy doing on Friday nights. From worship nights, game nights to our Grace and Truth events that features guest speakers addressing current issues from a Christian worldview.


The Inner Bean is located at 1328 Exchange, Emporia, KS 66801.

For more information contact Pastor Alvin at 620-342-0081 /, or email the Inner Bean at