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How to Turn a Conversation to the Gospel

Sharing the gospel seems downright easy compared to turning the conversation towards spiritual matters.  Many of you want to share your faith, but moving the conversation from the weather, Big XII football, or parenting to Jesus seems awkward and unnatural.  So how can we naturally create a context where we can transition into the gospel?

Probably the most common tactic we use around here is asking the question, “Do you have a church home?”  If the answer is no, then you have a clear window to invite them to your church.  But what happens if the answer is yes?  Or even worse, the answer is “LDS” or a mainline denomination known for its liberal theology?  If this is the case, follow up by asking “How committed are you to that church?”  I have found that this question really gets them thinking.  One young man said, “I guess I am not that committed.”  To which I asked “Do you have an open mind about such things?”  We then had a long discussion in Radio Shack about the gospel.  

But what if they mention that they are extremely committed to the church?  When this happens ask them to explain how one obtains eternal life according to their belief system.   The truly committed should have an answer, and if they don’t they expose their religious ignorance.

Careful, honest, and probing questions framed by patient listening will soften the ground for the seed of the gospel.   Over time, a mental dissonance takes place where they realize that they don’t know what they believe and they will look to you for answers.  When this happens, just ask them “Would you like to know what the Bible says about how to inherit eternal life?”  And then prayerfully preach the Word. 

Dave Hintz