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Christmas Evangelism

by Dave Hintz

Despite our culture’s attempt to thoroughly secularize December 25th, most sane and educated people still understand that Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ. For Christians, this means an easy opportunity to communicate to others the meaning of this special day, and to help you do this, we have developed the Christmas tract. Shaped like a Christmas card, this tract contains a condensed Gospel presentation which can serve as an excellent conversation-starter for family and friends. You can pick them up at our evangelism table in the foyer and when you do, here are some ideas for giving them away:

  1. Make Christmas baskets, cookie plates, etc. and personally deliver them to your friends and neighbors, and slip the tract in as well.
  2. Get some friends together and go out caroling on your street. After caroling someone, offer them the tract along with an invitation to church.
  3. Hand them out to your coworkers along with your family Christmas card (note: personally handing the tract to your coworkers gives you a greater opportunity to talk about its contents than simply mailing it).
  4. Hand them out to your neighbors along with your family Christmas card.
  5. When you give gifts to your friends and family, include the tract.
  6. Hand your children’s teachers the tract along with a family Christmas card or gift.
  7. Give it to your postman with a little Christmas bonus.

All of these are merely means for getting the tract into the hands of your friends. After doing so, be sure to follow up and ask what they thought of the message. Lord willing, this will lead to a wonderful opportunity to elaborate on the gospel and encourage them to embrace the Savior whose birth we celebrate every Christmas.